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Vinita Belani

Artistic Director, Founder at EnActe Arts

Vinita Belani is a multi-talented actor, director, and producer who transitioned from the corporate world to the arts in 2012, driven by her mission to put South Asia in a global context through the power of storytelling. Deeply committed to minority representation in the arts, Vinita’s work focuses on bringing diverse voices and stories to the forefront, ensuring South Asian narratives are included in the broader tapestry of global culture.

Vinita is actively involved in several organizations, reflecting her dedication to the arts and social causes. She serves on the boards of EnActe Arts, MAITRI, and is a TiE – SV Charter member. Additionally, she is an Indiaspora Patron Member, an Advisory Board member of SEWA International, and a founding circle member of Neythri. Her commitment to these organizations underscores her passion for fostering community engagement and supporting initiatives that uplift underrepresented groups.

Through her innovative projects and productions, Vinita Belani continues to enrich the cultural landscape, paving the way for greater representation and appreciation of South Asian arts and artists on the global stage. Her work inspires and empowers minority voices, making her a significant figure in the contemporary arts scene.

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