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Simran Randhawa: Designing Life by Listens to Her Inner Voice | #shorts

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About the video:

In this video, Simran explains how from a young age, we are conditioned to seek validation from the outside world. However, she emphasizes the importance of tuning into our inner voice, which she believes holds the truth and guidance we need.

Simran’s approach involves a deep awareness of her thoughts, ensuring they lead to actions that bring joy rather than suffering. By sharing her journey, Simran encourages others to trust their inner guidance and find their own path to fulfillment and success. Join Simran Randhawa in exploring the power of intuition and the transformative impact it can have on your life.

About Simran Randhawa:

Simran Randhawa, co-founder of Randhawa Inc., is a visionary architect who, together with her late husband, built a renowned architecture and building firm in the US. Born and raised in India, Simran’s journey led her to the United States, where she established a thriving firm and raised two sons. She also supported her husband’s dream of a winery, creating a haven for her family. After her husband’s passing, Simran passed on the architectural firm to her son. Simran earned her Bachelor’s in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and a Master’s in Planning from the University of Virginia.

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