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About Sudha Varghese

Sudha Varghese is a social activist and advocate from Patna, Bihar, dedicated to transforming lives within the Musahar (The Rat Eaters) community. Through her organization, Nari Gunjan, founded in 1987, she has tirelessly worked to gain the trust and improve the conditions of this marginalized community. Initially, she lived among the Musahar people, convincing them to attend school, and now, she has 3000 children under her educational programs. Despite facing threats and false accusations, Sudha has fought for the rights, dignity, and inclusion of the Musahar community, ensuring they receive education, shelter, and opportunities for a better future. Her efforts include teaching self-defense, yoga, and sports, and she aims for each family to secure a government job to escape poverty. Her remarkable journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of equality.

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