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Karishma Jadeja

HealthTap SVP Product

Karishma Jadeja is a dynamic leader in the technology sector, serving as the SVP Product at HealthTap. With over a decade of experience rooted in biomedical engineering, her career has spanned significant roles at prestigious organizations such as Biocon in India and the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital. At HealthTap, she plays a pivotal role in delivering equitable, affordable, and quality healthcare nationwide, guiding digital growth strategies for manufacturing and conglomerates.

Her leadership extends beyond corporate roles. Jadeja is deeply invested in mentoring emerging product managers and supports innovation as an LP at Inuka Capital, an early-stage VC fund. She also contributes to educational advancements as a next-generation board member for the University of Sheffield in America, promoting education as a tool for transformation.

Karishma’s commitment to societal impact is evident in her board memberships at various organizations, including EnActe Arts, MAITRI, TiE – SV, Indiaspora, SEWA International, and Neythri, showcasing her dedication to empowering minority voices in the arts and beyond.

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